House Resolutions introduced 2017

House Resolution 15

Date Introduced: Jan/11/2017

Kaiser Permanente of georgia; commend

McClain, Dewey (D-100) | Park, Sam (D-101) | Bennett, Karen (D-94)
Coleman, Brooks (D-97) | Efstration, Chuck (R-104) | Brockway, Buzz (R-102)

1. Recognize and commend Kaiser Permanente of Georgia

2. Kaiser Permanente of Georgia proudly opens the doors for service for its Kaiser Permanente Duluth Contact Center of Thursday, January 12, 2017;

3. Kaiser Permanente of Georgia is the state’s largest nonprofit health care provider, serving more than 300,000 members in a 38 county metro Atlanta area;

4. The grand opening of Kaiser Permanente Duluth Contact Center will create up to 1,000 new jobs with an overall investment of over $51 million to purchase and renovate the 185,000 square-foot office complex situated on 18 acres in Duluth;

5. In recognition of this opening, and on behalf of the employees and clinicians at the Kaiser Permanente Duluth Contact Center, Kaiser Permanente of Georgia is giving back to this local community by awarding a $5,000 grant to Viewpoint Health, which has been working in Gwinnett County since 1975 providing the community with a safety net for mental health, developmental disabilities, and addiction services for children, teens, and adults;

6. The grant will support Viewpoint’s mission to promote overall health and improve the quality of life for Gwinnett residents throughout the facilitation of individual counseling, recovery, and crisis stabilization services;

7. The Kaiser Permanente employees and clinicians have demonstrated a dedicated commitment to volunteerism by supporting community initiatives such as the Gwinnett Children’s Shelter, Partnership Gwinnett, Gwinnett Chamber, Gwinnett Health & Human Services Collation, Gwinnett County Board of Health, and Gwinnett Technical College;

8. The Kaiser Permanente Duluth Contact Center staff sincerely thanks to its members for helping their facility and the entire Kaiser Permanente organization, which represents 26 medical centers in Georgia, thrive in this community;

9. It is abundantly fitting and proper to recognize Kaiser Permanente’s Duluth Contact Center on its Grand Opening and for its support of the Gwinnett community.

“NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES that the members of this body recognize and commend Kaiser Permanente and its Duluth Contact Center for its many valuable contributions on behalf of the State of Georgia.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House of Representatives is authorized and directed to make an appropriate copy of this resolution available for distribution to Kaiser Permanente of Georgia.”

Resolution 16

Date Introduced:

Shreve, Uncha Yi “Lee”; Public Service; commend

Glanton, Mike (D-75) | Park, Sam (D-101)

Resolution 53

Date Introduced:

Lunar New Year Celebration; Recognize

Brockway, Buzz (R-102) | Park, Sam (D-101) | Harrell, Brett (R-106) | Taylor, Tom (R-79)
Cox, Clay (R-108) | Bennett, Karen (D-94)

Resolution 150

Date Introduced:

Vietnamese-American community day at the capitol; march 9, 2017; recognize

Marin, Pedro “Pete” (D-96) | Park, Sam (D-101) | Lopez Romero, Brenda (D-99)

Resolution 274

Date Introduced:

Korematsu, Fred; Commend; Fred Korematsu day at the capitol; January 30, 2017; recognize

Park, Sam (D-101) | Marin, Pedro “Pete” (D-96) | Lopez Romero, Brenda (D-99)
Holcomb, Scott (D-81) | Cannon, Park (D-58)

Resolution 290

Date Introduced:

Teague, Reverend DUncan E.; outstanding public service; commend

Cannon, Park (D-58) | Waites, Keisha (D-60) | Drenner, Karla (D-85) | Park, Sam (D-101)
Shannon, Renitta (D-84) | Mosby, Howard (D-83)

Resolution 320

Date Introduced:

genocide Prevention and awareness month at the capitol; April, 2017; recognize

Abrams, Stacey (D-89) | Henson, Michele (D-86) | Park, Sam (D-101) | Glanton, Mike (D-75)
Taylor, Tom (R-79)

Resolution 349

Date Introduced:

wishes 4 me foundation; commend

Park, Sam (D-101) | McClain, Dewey (D-100) | Chandler, Joyce (R-105)
Barr, Timothy (R-103) | Brockway, Buzz (R-102) | Harrell, Brett (R-106)

Resolution 384

Date Introduced:

Georgia Asian American Legislative Summit and Lobby day at the capitol; February 22, 2017; Recognize; Contributions of georgia’s asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (Aapis); commend

Park, Sam (D-101) | Lopez Romero, Brenda (D-99) | Marin, Pedro “Pete” (D-96)
Holcomb, Scott (D-81) | Glanton, Mike (D-75)

Resolution 404

Date Introduced:

Joint study committee on comprehensive civil rights legislation; create

Evans, Stacey (D-42) | Willard, Wendell (R-51) | Scott, Sandra (D-76) | Park, Sam (D-101)
Drenner, Karla (D-85) | Marin, Pedro “Pete” (D-96)

Resolution 472

Date Introduced:

40 Influential Georgia American Muslims; Commend

Thomas, Erica (D-39) | Cannon, Park (D-58) | Shannon, Renitta (D-84) | Park, Sam (D-101)
Lopez Romero, Brenda (D-99) | Smith, Michael (D-41)

Resolution 671

Date Introduced:

Seroyer, Lauren; honored with 2017 prudential spirit of community award; commend

Park, Sam (D-101) | Brockway, Buzz (D-102) | McClain, Dewey (D-100)
Chandler, Joyce (R-105) | Efstration, Chuck (D-104)

Resolution 710

Date Introduced:

Hooper-Renwick high school; encouraging the protection and preservation of historical integrity; honor

Park, Sam (D-101) | McClain, Dewey (D-100) | Brockway, Buzz (R-102)
Chandler, Joyce (R-105) | Efstration, Chuck (R-104) | Cannon, Park (D-58)