Georgia Legislative Session 2018

I am proud to have introduced and/or signed onto:

Permanent Portable Registration Act, a law that would allow registered voters to remain registered within Georgia, even if they move counties or change their names. 

House Bill 22: Any Precinct Act:  This legislation would allow voters to cast their ballot at any precinct in their home county in a primary, run-off and general election.

House Bill 52 to expand Temporary Assistance for Needy Families to children with legal custodians.

House Bill 65: This legislation, sponsored by Rep. Allen Peake (R), expands the use of medical cannabis to include autism, post-traumatic stress syndrome and Alzheimers. After my mother was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, I understand how important it is to ease the pain of our loved ones.

House Bill 177, legislation to expand access to public services for non-English speakers, is making its way through the Georgia House of Representatives.

House Resolution 2House Resolution 3: These resolutions, sponsored by Rep. Pat Gardner, establish procedures and standards for independent legislative and congressional redistricting.

House Resolution 15: This resolution recognizes and commends Kaiser Permanente for it's Duluth Contact Center and the creation of up to 1,000 jobs in Gwinnett. 

House Resolution 36: This resolution provides for the regulation and production of medical cannabis. 

House Resolution 53: This resolution recognizes and honors Lunar New Year, a multi-cultural celebration in our diverse state.

House Resolution 94: This bipartisan resolution honors the life and service of Deputy Commander Patrick Carothers. I am proud to support our troops,veterans and heroes, whose sacrifices I do not take for granted. 

Bills to Follow

House Bill 184, or the "Pregnant Workers Fairness Act": This legislation would provide a state cause of action in employment related matters in which a pregnant or recently pregnant employee has suffered an adverse employment action as a result of their pregnancy. 

House Bill 188, or the "Expand Medicaid NOW Act": This legislation would compel Georgia's Department of Community Health to expand state Medicaid eligibility up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level and provide health insurance coverage for nearly half a million Georgians.

House Bill 216, or the "Georgia Jobs Matter Act": This legislation would amend the purchasing guidelines for state and local governments to include a provision requiring preference be given to products manufactured in and to service providers based in Georgia.