I am committed to serving my community and will fight for the people of House District 101.

As a bankruptcy litigation associate, I fought for hardworking folks who fell on hard times. Medical bills are the biggest cause of bankruptcy and in Georgia, where we have the third highest number of personal bankruptcies, I understand firsthand how hospital bills can cripple families. As an attorney, I saved clients’ homes from foreclosure by big banks and mortgage companies, fought predator lending companies, and worked to stop repossession as often times their car was the only way my clients could get to work and provide for themselves and their families. 

My path into public service began during law school at Georgia State University College of Law. As a student, I worked in the Health Law Partnership Clinic, a legal-medical partnership between Atlanta Legal Aid and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta that serves low-income families with sick children by providing pro bono legal services for civil matters. I will always remember my first client; a mother of two young children with a rare genetic disorder that caused tumors to grow in vital organs that caused seizures. While the work was difficult, it was rewarding, and helped develop my desire to serve others. 

My passion for policy and legislation began during my second year of law school where I drafted legislation to expand preventative health care for children in Georgia, and make it easier for medically fragile children to receive skilled nursing services. Though the bill did not gain traction, the bill sparked my passion for servant leadership.

In 2012 and 2013, I interned for the Georgia House and Senate Democratic Caucuses. Under the leadership of House Minority Leader Stacy Abrams and her staff, I learned how to analyze and summarize legislation. By Leader Abrams’ example, I learned the importance of passionately fighting for what is right, compromising where possible, and always putting the best interests of Georgians before partisan politics.

Under the leadership of Senate Minority Leader Steve Henson I worked in collaboration with the Georgia House and Republicans to restore prior academic requirements to the HOPE Grant to ensure all hardworking Georgians could afford and attend technical college to acquire new skills in a rapidly changing job market.  

After graduating law school in 2013, I received a Fellowship in Civil Rights and Constitutional Law to obtain a Masters in Law with a specialization in Law, Politics, and Legislation at American University Washington College of Law in Washington, D.C. As part of the Fellowship, I served in the Maryland State Senate during the 2014 session as a legal aide to Democratic Majority Whip Senator Jamie Raskin where I worked on passing multiple pieces of legislation. Here, I learned the importance of working together to build coalitions to pass law. 
Following the completion of my Masters in Law, I returned home to Georgia to take the bar exam and campaigned on Senator Jason Carter’s gubernatorial campaign in 2014. As a research fellow, I researched and wrote reports on every issue discussed during the campaign including Georgia’s economy, Medicaid expansion and state alternatives to traditional expansion, immigration, education, and transportation.