economic growth and security

We must invest in the people of Georgia and our local communities to create economic opportunities for all Georgians.

Local Economy
A thriving economy is the foundation of a stronger Gwinnett. As your state representative, I will foster economic growth and opportunities for all Georgians through fiscal responsibility, smart investments in transportation and education, and public-private partnerships to address the problems we face as a community. I will work to bring middle class jobs into our district and invest in our communities to support small businesses, entrepreneurs, and foster innovation.

People in Gwinnett deserve to spend more time with families and less time sitting in traffic. Smart investments in new transit options will attract businesses, increase property values, and continue the growth in Gwinnett. Together we can make our community the best place to live, work and raise our families.  

As your state representative, I will listen to your concerns, and work with community leaders not only to connect Gwinnett County to the City of Atlanta, but advocate for better connectivity between the many wonderful cities throughout Gwinnett including Lawrenceville, through light rail and an extension of our world-class nature trails and parks. 

In Georgia, our children rank in the bottom ten for overall well-being based on education, health care and economic stability. I understand the struggles of working families. My mother worked multiple jobs to give me a better life. She taught piano lessons and tutored children after school. She understood the value of education and mentorship. Through my mother’s example and the HOPE scholarship, my two sisters and I were able to afford and attend college.

We need to invest in K-12 and higher education. As your state representative, I pledge to fight for quality public education for every child in Georgia. Every child, no matter his or her background, deserves world-class education.

A proud product of Georgia public schools, I oppose Amendment 1, the "Opportunity School District." I will work to ensure parents have a voice in their children's education by keeping our schools under local control.  


Access to health care is a basic human right.

Refusal to expand Medicaid puts politics before people. Families should not have to choose between paying medical bills and putting food on the table. Today, there are more than 1.5 million hardworking Georgians without health insurance. In Gwinnett County alone, 160,000 of my neighbors do not have access to health insurance. They deserve the assurance they will be able to obtain life-saving treatment as my mother currently receives.

We must ensure that all Georgians have access to quality health care and the opportunity to receive medically necessary, life-saving treatment, regardless of their income. Not only would Medicaid expansion give hundreds of thousands of our fellow Georgians health insurance (including nearly 60,000 people in Gwinnett County), it is estimated to bring in more than $30 billion in federal dollars to Georgia’s healthcare system over 10 years, which according to some studies, will create $65 billion in new economic activity and 70,000 jobs over a decade. 


Discrimination is never acceptable.

Every step we take towards treating all Georgians with dignity and respect moves us in the right direction. Gwinnett is one of the most diverse counties in Georgia. And it is time our elected officials and representatives reflect that diversity. Our diversity makes us stronger; and we must remain united in our American values of liberty and justice for all.

As the son of immigrants, I will stand and fight for those who have come to this country in pursuit of a better for life for themselves and their children. We are a nation of immigrants united by common principles of liberty and justice. I will stand and fight against any discriminatory legislation that is proposed in the Georgia State Legislature that in its intent or effect harms immigrants or any minority community. The great diversity of our country and State is a source of strength, not weakness. While it is important to enforce our immigration laws, we cannot let anti-immigrant fervor driven by fear-mongering cause us to harm our neighbors.  

Georgia’s immigrants are necessary for a strong economy. Nearly 1 out of 10 Georgians are immigrants or foreign-born. “In 2010, new immigrant business owners had total net business income of $2.9 billion, which is 12.3 percent of all new business income [Georgia].” Moreover, “Latinos and Asians (both foreign-born and native-born) wield $31.7 billion in consumer purchasing power, and the businesses they own had sales and receipts of $20.6 billion and employed nearly 110,000 people [as of 2007].” 

In the guise of religious liberty, proponents of the Religious Freedom Restoration bill, guided by fear and prejudice, introduced legislation that would legalize discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community, treating those such as myself like second class citizens. Not only is such legislation unjust, its enactment would have caused enormous economic damage to the State of Georgia to the detriment of all Georgians. I will stand against discriminatory legislation of any kind to ensure the laws of our state reflect our southern hospitality.